We started this blog five years ago as our ‘Wine Travels’ but the travelling took over and we could not keep up the standard of quality in reporting to the blog within the time scale that the travelling allowed, then we started scouring the South of France for a house for when we stopped travelling.

We are now settled here in France and propose to visit places that we are able to offer within the very comprehensive portfolio of Davys Wine Merchants.

Our initial report/blog will be appearing very soon, it will first appear on the January Newsletter  and then be put on the blog for anyone to access for future reference. We will be doing some visits that are not included on Davys list so they will not appear on the Newsletters but may well appear on the blog, the reason being we will not be able to sell the wines but you may well find the producers interesting in case you come across them somewhere else.

Watch this space, any changes to names and access will be posted on the Newsletter.

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